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6 simple inventions to make at home. If you like simple inventions, life hacks, ideas or genius inventions be sure to subscribe. Hello my dear friends, in this video I'm going to show you 6 SIMPLE INVENTIONS. Today lets see how to make this 6 simple inventions at home. With very few things you can build this awesome life hacks in your house, hope you enjoy this DIY with friends can be very useful for a science project of school. At my channel you have more ideas see you in the next craft video!
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    10:17 что лень ложкой размешать?????😂😂😂

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    But all.invention are good

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    1st invention

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    I think you see from 5 minute craft men

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    You are feeling sarely

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    Hey there , your channel is really dope ! But I suggest you to please mention names of each things you used in the video in the description box and if you wish you can also give the link to buy online (Amazon) , this will really help people like me . I hope you will make changes !

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    sem ideia de nome4 bulan yang lalu

    Uau de todos do Brasil vc me empreciounou mais apesar de não ser brasileiro

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    Nice hacks 😍😍

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    U used dat drill u made in one of ur videos

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    Your hand want to dance 😂😂

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    Can we do solding with ur last thing

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    Aap jo bhi material use krte ho uska naam bhi likh diya kro yrr Kya h ki aap log ke invention ko dekh ke ham bhi try krte h to plz materiel ka naam dal diya kro

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    Pls can u sometimes show the names of the materials u use coz I really want to try out some of your words but I don't know the materials names...?

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    tu est très douée

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    Do u have a fever why is ur hand so shaky

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    Could you show how to make a DIY soildering iron with lead

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    Solo motion ha

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    What is the name of the machine which you used for sticking wires ?

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    Soldering iron

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    Quédate en casa

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    13:46 начинают делать поделку та что на картинке

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    your hairy but i like your vidios

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    i am tired of seeing you make lights

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    el primer invento necesito un buzzer un gancho,2 tornillos,dos pilas AA y un conector que se encuentra en juguetes electrónicos

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    Where do you live i want to meet u

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    Please tell us what the light u has used is called

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    Nice video! I made a video about the last one but I used it as a foam cutter. Cool to see you made a lighter out of it

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    NICE vedio

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    Даааа, круто. Где ты берёшь столько идей для своего видео? Я бы для своего канала столько не придумал.

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    @Crafting Pulse hi the minute 3:00 could you tell me how many centimeters you need for everything?

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