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Simple inventions to make at home. If you like simple inventions, life hacks, ideas or how to make videos be sure to subscribe. Hello my friends, today lets see how to make this 7 simple inventions at home. With very few things you can build this awesome life hacks in your house, hope you enjoy this DIY with friends can be very useful for a science project of school. At my channel you have more ideas see you in the next craft video!
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    11:30 good luck on not gettingmfood poisoned there cuzz ur basically feeding lighter fluid into ur food

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    Your videos are fine. It takes a while to get your ideas out........be patient and watch . Misc. Me videos. He has fried at least 4 microwaves. An he likes to shoot stuff like you do. I will stick your Chanel on his.. It's the icon with the peppers and throwing knives..... Be careful his dad is a moron...lol

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    Plastic 0.5 liter glass.Cut out the hole near the bottom(according to the size of the mobile phone. Insert the device into the hole and enjoy !

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